BERLIN VIDEOS (February 7-8, 2014)

Video 1: Agata gets the rebound and scores!

Video 2: Paulina scores off the pass from Chiharu!

Video 3: Ola doesn't give up and scores a basket!

Video 4:Chiharu drives to the hoop for the layup!

Video 5: Paulina makes a great catch and takes it in for 2 points!

Video 6: Amelia sinks the free-throw!

Video 7: Ola sets a nice pick to free up Agata for a score!

Video 8: Good passing eventually leads to a basket by Pawel!

Video 9: Michal D. gets the runner in the lane to go!

Video 10: Michal R. gets the pass and scores!

Video 11: Good team defense forces a turnover!

Video 12: Some persistent offensive rebounding leads to a basket by Michal D!

Video 13: Sim makes a nice move and is fouled which earns him a trip to the free-throw line!

Video 14: Kristian finds Oliver who scores off the out-of-bounds play!

Video 15: And 1, Pawel converts the basket while being fouled late in overtime to seal the Wolves victory over Dresden International School!

Video 16: The boys celebrate their hard fought overtime victory against Dresden International School in what was the best match of the competition!

WARSAW VIDEOS (January 31-February 1, 2014)

Video 1: Good passing and teamwork leads to a basket by Sim

Video 2: Michal R gets a good bounce to sink the free throw

Video 3: Seoungwoo drives in for the layup

Video 4: Girls warming up before one of the matches

Video 5: Oliver scores off the pass from Michal R

Video 6: Good action leads to a basketball by the Wolves

PRAGUE VIDEOS (January 25-26, 2013)


Unna scores off the tip for an early 2-0 lead in the first game!

Agata puts it in off of the rebound!

Jimin takes the pass and scores off a nice pick from Dhaya!

Ola drives hard to the hoop and follows up her own miss with a basket!

Girls stretching before the game!

Angela hits the tough shot with defenders all around!

1- 2- 3 WOLVES!!

Great passing eventually leads to a basket for Ola!

Unna drives hard for 2 points!

Great pick from Angela and pass from Unna sets up Julia for the basket!

Emmi scores 2 points off the pass from Chiharu!

Zosia knocks down the free-throw!

Hania takes the pass from Chiharu and scores!

Jimin scores 2 off of the out-of-bounds play!


Michal W. takes it in for 2!

Seoungwoo hits the free-throw!

Michal R. scores off the nice pass!

Seoungwoo passes inside to Oliver, who hits the shot over his defender!

Gabriel gets the rebound and put-back!

Michal W. swishes the free-throw!

Oliver scores 2 off the out-of-bounds pass!

A nice pick leads to 2 points for the boys!

The boys cut the lead to 3 points at the end of the 3rd quarter!

PRAGUE VIDEOS (February 3-4, 2012)


Karolina takes it in for 2 on the fast break !

Aga passes to Marysia who beats the defenders for 2 !

Lady Wolves great team defense forces a turnover !

Karolina never gives up and her efforts are rewarded with a basket !

Jiwon hits the free-throw !

Rachel's pick sets up Zosia for the basket !


Seoungwoo sinks the free-throw !

Seoungwoo hits the shot in traffic !

Great teamwork and passing leads to 2 points for Adam !